The case to establish a permanent office co-ordinated by a National Development Officer.

  • To establish a national organisation that would speak on behalf of the people and would establish meaningful links with Government Departments, the O.P.W and Local Authorities.
  • To establish a structured Committee/Group in every flooded community which in liaison with the Local Authority, Civil Defense, Garda Síochana and other Voluntary Agencies presents a well co-ordinated emergency plan in the event of future flooding events.
  • To educate all flooded communities regarding current National and European Strategies on Flood Prevention and Emergency Plans.
  • To effect a speedier resolution to local flooding problems by endeavoring to create a common approach and multi-agency co-operation between relevant Government Departments e.g O.P.W, Wildlife and Fisheries, Agriculture, Environment, Local Authority Planning, Meteorological, E.S.B and other agencies.
  • To act to seek improvement by the Insurance Federation in the provision of adequate insurance cover for household, business and farming communities who are continually disadvantaged through non-cover or inflated insurance premiums.
  • To liaise with Planning Authorities in relation to Planning Decisions that impact on flooding flood plains.
  • To constantly update communities on flooding data, CFRAM’s and on any new or innovative ways of alleviating or eliminating flooding in communities.
  • To establish a data base of information on the 400 communities flooded nationally.

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